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This is the second time this week I’ve done this and I’m really sorry love but I’m so tired… I’ve been feeling like crap all day and I just can’t…I’m really light headed and almost fall over every time I get up ><

I’ll have my phone beside my bed so you can message me when you get online if you want, I might wake up enough to talk to you for a while, but I can’t guarantee it. 

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My 2 year old stole my yarn and unwound/tangled it up…

took me 2 hours to fix it.


Oh noooo :(

one time my boyfriend and his friend thought it would be hilarious to have a yarn ball fight

they are 23 & 24 year old men

You poor soul…

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resinant replied to your post “I’m not in a very good mood, I don’t feel well and I think it was the…”

*hugs tightly* it’s gonna be ok!

I know I’m just being a grump butt lol

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